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We have 8 positions available on our Board of Directors for the 2022-2023 year! As we continue to change and grow, we are especially looking for folks who are goal-oriented and up for the 6-10 hour/month commitment! (Time committment varies depending on capacity of the individual, committee mandate, etc).
The Board of Directors is responsible for offering support and oversight to the organization by bringing individual experiences and knowledge. By participating in various committees, board members can contribute to responsible and transparent finance practices, sound and flexible governance structures in a non-hierarchical and consensus-based environment, outreach and marketing of events and initiatives, and/or equitable and respectful human resource procedures.
No degrees or special certifications are required – we value the lived and learned experiences of all applicants and encourage everyone to apply, even if you think you don’t possess those specific skills. As a learning organization, we welcome you to join our Board of Directors to gain experience in this type of work!

Apply by September 22nd!

**Application deadline extended until September 29th!!** (In the case you want to apply but aren’t able to submit your application by the 29th, reach out to our internal coordinator at internal@sustainableconcordia.ca. Just make sure to do so before October 6th!!)

(If you have any issues applying, please contact us!)

Join us at our online Annual General Meeting on October 6th at 5:30pm to present yourself to the membership for voting. Registration link is here!