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A Blog Post on How to Write a Blog Post!

Get your creative juices flowing!

Ankit Kumar, Online content creation intern


With the rise of social media, all hell has broken loose on the internet and there is practically a war out there to grab the reader’s attention. How do you make your blog post stand out amidst such intense competition? Just follow these 6 easy steps and very soon you will be blogging like a pro:


Step 1: Know your target audience

In today’s busy world, no one will glance through your blog post, unless the content is captivating and holds the reader’s interest. Before sitting down to write a blog post, you must answer the following questions –

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are they interested in? Why will they read your blog?
  • What is that one topic that your target audience wants to know more about?

Say for example, if you are writing a blog post that will be posted on the Sustainable Concordia website, ponder upon which section of the Concordia community will be reading your blog and why your blog post will matter to them.


Step 2: Pick a Solid Topic

A lot of bloggers find it difficult to come up with their first topic for writing a blog post. You can take some cues from step 1 and proceed to come up with a strong topic.

The next obvious step is to do a thorough research and make sure you get yourself acquainted with all the perspectives. Also, reach out to relevant personalities in the community to get an “insider’s view” about your subject.

Then, start with a working title to begin with, which will eventually evolve to something very specific, as you write your blog post*.


Step 3: Write a captivating intro

You must have heard the age old saying – “Starting is the hardest part”. Well, that’s true for blogging as well. The intro should also be the most interesting part of your blog, so that you are able to capture the imagination of your audience.

You can do this with the help of what I call a “hook”. A hook basically is a way to hold the readers interest in your blog. You can do this by the following ways –

  • Make good use of your awesome sense of humor and tell a joke (which should be funny!)
  • Grip the reader’s attention with an interesting statistic or a shocking fact.


Step 4: Organize your content

Do not intimidate your reader by throwing an overwhelming amount of content at him. Give appropriate headings and sub-headings and break your article down into sub-sections so that it is easy to read and understand. Now, you can expand on your sub-headings and write a compelling thought provoking article.


Step 6: Your blog should be visually appealing

Another age old adage which is true for blogging – “A picture speaks a thousand words.” There is a reason Instagram is gaining quick popularity over other social media platforms. Pictures appeal to our senses more than plain text.

Here is a fascinating fact – In a recent research, it has been proven that content with visually appealing images receive 94% more views than content without stimulating images. So, make sure you don’t write a boring textual article, because no one will read it.


Step 7: Proofread and fix the formatting

All of us just HATE spelling and grammatical mistakes, don’t we? You don’t want to make an ugly impression on your reader. Make sure you proof-read and edit your blog post before posting it online.


Take the Plunge

Now that you have got your armor and shield together, take the plunge and transform your reader’s lives with amazing blog posts!



*Communication Briefings. May2017, Vol. 36 Issue 5, p4-4. 1/3p

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