Green Revolving Fund research Internship

Internship Application Deadline: September 29th, 2017 by 5pm

Required Hours: 120

Position for credit or potential 500$ honorarium

To Apply: Send CV and cover letter to


Sustainable Concordia (SC)

We are an organization that builds and measures culture and practices of sustainability at Concordia University in solidarity with the global community. We believe that fundamental changes need to be implemented. We assess and address challenges of the existing economy based on unlimited growth and exploitation of natural resources and the political system that excludes key stakeholders from participating in decision-making.


By acting locally and networking globally, we achieve sustainability by exploring, creating, and institutionalizing models that function within the earth’s carrying capacity. We aim to enact an expanded political mission for the university, and redirect decision-making through a multi-stakeholder approach based on transparency and maximum participation.


Purpose: investigate the use and efficacy of Green Revolving Funds at universities around the world in order to discover different models and best practices. With this information, a case will be made as to whether or not a Green Revolving Fund would benefit the Concordia campus along with an implementation plan.


  • Research GRFs at other institutions
  • Compile data on: program structures, projects funded, capital investment required, long-term efficacy of investments, frequency of institutions adopting GRFs
  • Produce presentations of findings for high-level committee work and membership engagement
  • Weekly check-ins with SC Coordinator group
  • Apply findings to Concordia landscape – given our current state of sustainability, does it make sense for us to implement a GRF?
    • Interview key stakeholders
    • Compile data for potential capital investment strategies
    • Compile data for potential projects to be funded
    • Investigate possible collaborations with other on-and-off-campus funders

Who should apply

  • Any Graduate or Undergraduate student at Concordia with an interest in sustainability and who seek opportunities for research in action related to their field of study (sustainability, finance, systems change, policy studies, etc.)
  • Those with a passion for institutional change who enjoy research and multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Students with good time management skills, who can work independently, and who have good communication skills (written and verbal)