Social Media and Content Creation internship

Internship Application Deadline: September 29th, 2017 by 5pm

Required Hours: 120

Position for credit or potential 500$ honorarium

To Apply: Send CV and cover letter to

Do you want to learn how to make an impact using social media? Dreaming to make online content that matters? Passionate about sustainability and the Concordia community? We want to meet you!

Sustainable Concordia envisions a university which teaches and demonstrates sustainability principles of ecological health, social justice, and economic equality. We assess and address challenges of economy models based on unlimited growth and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources as well as the political system that excludes key stakeholders from participating in decision-making.

Goal of the internship: The purpose of this internship is to build the online presence of Sustainable Concordia across multiple social media platforms to connect with, educate, learn from, and mobilize its community. Interns will source, manage, develop, and publish content while researching/reporting impact metrics and interacting with key allied and dovetailing interest groups. All work will be done in collaboration with the Design and Communication coordinator and the Outreach Committee, in relation to SC’s priorities for the year: Carbon and Institutionalizing Sustainability.

Related Tasks:

  • Research online outreach practices in sustainability, in Montreal and abroad
  • Learn about the two priorities and related projects of SC and find collectively how to outreach related content creatively
  • Develop a social media plan and varied web content with the Design and Communications coordinator
  • Attend Sustainable Concordia coordinator meetings to update and keep informed of organizational needs and developments
  • Attend sustainability events on campus and build awareness throughout social media platforms

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore best practices regarding social media outreach and engagement – discover metrics to measure media presence and improve communications
  • Deepen understanding of sustainability issues
  • Learn about consensus based decision making and nonprofit organizational functioning
  • Write reports and communicate results to the organization in an ongoing basis


  • A formal report summarizing the results of the internship based on goals set at beginning of term
  • Develop a social media calendar and strategy with the coordinator
  • Set metrics to be measured and template for future measurement and analysis
  • Providing recommendations for policy changes when needed
  • Add to “How To” resources for future interns


  • Interest in sustainability and social media+web outreach and engagement
  • Willingness for continued involvement in the sustainability community post-internship
  • Smart phone access with camera (exceptions can be made)
  • Motivation to source, manage, develop, and publish content in varied forms (video, photo, blogs..)
  • Ability to work autonomously with minimal supervision
  • Willingness to actively solicit feedback and ask for help when needed

Personal Learning Objectives: These tasks will be completed in addition to personal learning objectives, decided upon by the intern.

Internship Schedule: Schedule will be decided upon by the intern and their supervisor.

Sustainable Concordia acknowledges that our society does not value and respect all people equally. We value and are seeking applicants with different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to join our organization.