Social Sustainability Research Internship

for Organizing Sustainability


Internship Application Deadline: September 22nd, 2018 by 5pm

Start date: October 2nd, 2018

Timeline: Four months

Required Hours: 120

Position for credit or 500$ honorarium

Number of positions available: two

To Apply: Send CV and cover letter to engagement[at]

Are you knowledgeable about anti-oppression, inclusivity and dismantling dynamics of power? We want to meet you!


About Sustainable Concordia (SC)

We are an organization that builds and measures culture and practices of sustainability at Concordia University in solidarity with the global community. We believe that fundamental changes need to be implemented. We assess and address challenges of the existing economy based on unlimited growth and exploitation of natural resources and the political system that excludes key stakeholders from participating in decision-making.

By acting locally and networking globally, we achieve sustainability by exploring, creating, and institutionalizing models that function within the earth’s carrying capacity. We aim to enact and expanded political mission for the university, and redirect decision-making through a multi-stakeholder approach based on transparency and maximum participation.

Sustainable Concordia acknowledges that our society does not value and respect all people equally. Our equity policy is structured to recognize barriers to formal learning and employment opportunities that leave out systematically marginalized and undervalued social groups. Accordingly, we encourage applications from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) persons, persons with disabilities, queer persons, trans persons, and other groups that are usually overlooked in hiring processes. If you wish to be considered for employment equity, please indicate in the application. Note: We do not require applicants to disclose the reasons for which they are applying for employment equity.


Goal of the Internship:

The overall goal of this internship is to research into the gaps of the current organizing sustainability workshop series so that it can be remodelled by fall 2019 to create a training that teaches more socially inclusive, equitable campaign tactics.

Research topics:


  • Race and Colonialism: identifying how race impacts communities, legacies of colonialism, process of racialisation, whiteness studies, and solidarity
  • Gender and queerness: constructions on gender, misogyny, power dynamics, and impact of organizing
  • Class: gentrification, anti-capitalism, intersections with race and gender
  • Community Care: Restorative Justice and Exile, how to work with mistakes, increasing community capacity
  • Social Media: impact on activism, political tool, uses and strategy
  • Conflict Management and Internal Dynamics of social movements



Related Tasks:


  • Meet with relevant organisations for mentoring and review of research
  • Vulgarise research
  • Participate in leadership of sustainability book club
  • Collaborate with co-researcher.




  • Understanding/experience of dynamics of power that impact marginalised groups
  • Research experience/ avidity for reading
  • Ability to relate complex concepts into clear, accessible terms
  • Interest in research topics outlined above
  • Self-starter and able to work in teams.
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Experience with learning in workshop format




  • Develop three to five personal learning objectives.
  • Participate in a mid and end of internship evaluation related to personal learning objectives and deliverables.
  • Document research
  • Propose elements of research to be turned into learning activities
  • Give input on what gaps need to be filled within the current workshop series


Personal Learning Objectives:

These tasks will be completed in addition to personal learning objectives, decided upon by the intern.

Internship Schedule: Schedule will be decided upon by the intern and their supervisor.


To Apply: Send CV and cover letter to engagement[at]