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TitleToward Sustainable Communities: Resources for Citizens and their GovernmentsAuthorMark RoselandPublishedBC, Canada : New Society Publishers 2009
Status:Check Shelves SubjectUrban Planning,Community Economic DevelopmentCategoryOrganizing/ActivismMediaPaperbackEditionFirst EditionISBN978-0865715356Call NumberACT ROS 2005TypeBookDescription
Local governments increasingly are caught between rising expectations that development initiatives be sustainable and the fact that more and more services are being downloaded to the municipal level. The third edition of this classic text offers practical suggestions and innovative solutions to a range of community problems - including energy efficiency, transportation, land use, housing, waste reduction, recycling, air quality, and governance. In clear language, with updated tools, initiatives and resources, a new preface and foreword, this sustainable practices resource is for both citizens and governments.

Urban Planning Community Economy Development