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TitleGeomorphology: A Canadian PerspectiveAuthorAlan S TrenhailePublished 2016
Status:Check Shelves SubjectGeomorphologyCategoryClimate ChangeMediaPaperbackISBN9780199019809Call NumberCLI TRE 2007TypeBookDescription
Now in its sixth edition, Geomorphology: A Canadian Perspective offers a comprehensive introduction to the scientific study of landforms, landscapes, and Earth-surface processes. Updated to reflect current research in the field, this authoritative resource integrates broad historical andcontemporary discussions of such high-interest topics as glaciers, coastal environments, fluvial processes, landscape management, and climate change. Featuring an abundance of striking photos and figures that bring remarkable landscapes and processes to life, Geomorphology continues to help studentsunderstand the contributions and practical applications of geomorphological research in Canada and around the world.