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TitleDown to the Wire: Confronting Climate CollapseAuthorDavid W. OrrPublishedOUP USA 2012
Status:Check Shelves SubjectClimate ChangeCategoryClimate ChangeMediaPaperbackISBN9780199829361Call NumberCLI ORR 2009TypeBookDescription
Down to the Wire offers an exacting analysis of where we are in terms of climate change, how we got here, and what we must now do. It shows how political negligence, an economy based on the insatiable consumption of trivial goods, and a disdain for the well-being of future generations have brought us to the tipping point. Down to the Wire is a major wake-up call. But this is not a doomsday book. Orr offers a wide range of pragmatic, far-reaching proposals—some of which have already been adopted by the Obama administration—for how we might reconnect public policy with rigorous science, bring our economy into alignment with ecological realities, and begin to regard ourselves as planetary trustees for future generations.

Climate Change