Sustainable Concordia is hosting a series of open-forum discussions about how to create a more sustainable community. This series is called SustainabiliTEA: teasing out complexities in sustainability.

In Fall 2017, these events are occurring at locations around Concordia campuses, on Tuesdays from 3-5pm. Each SustainabiliTEA is hosted in collaboration with different individuals and community groups to address an issue or area in sustainability, and a moderator will encourage discussion among the community members attending.

Connect with others attending the discussions and workshops on our facebook event page.

October 3rd

DECOLONIZING FOOD JUSTICE : Sustainable Concordia’s Resource Library, 15h-17h

Reframing questions around food justice; Exploring generational knowledge and practices on sustainability in opposition to institutional knowledge and practices; exploring who has access to healthy food and why, and who controls knowledge on food justice and sustainability and why

October 19th


Exploring the concept of radical home economics; teaching participants how to create their own body products using natural, everyday items; exploring effects of commercialized products


Speaker: Blueberryjams Montreal

November 1st

DIY Lip Balm and Body Ointments Workshop and Discussion on Endometriosis : TBD

Exploring healing ointments and how to make them using inexpensive natural products; discussion of entrypoint in starting to create these products as way of finding few options for treatment of endometriosis; panel discussion between two cis-women using self-created natural products to treat their chronic illness and the dearth of resources and options for those affected and the general landscape of women’s health


Speaker: Mel Fuller, Former Health Educator with ACCM, current Master’s Student in Sexologie at UQAM


November 14th

Herbalist Medicine, Holistic Nutrition and Caring for the Body on a Student Schedule : Hingston Hall Community Kitchen, 17h-19h.

Exploring nutrition and tips and items to boost immunity and fuel your body; providing suggestions in context of busy student schedule and compromising sleep and eating well; community brainstorm of ways to make time for these habits

Speaker: City Farm School

November 28th

Arts Showcase on Zero-Waste Art Practices and Sustainable Materials : EV Junction, 18h-20h

Showcasing the works of local arts whose pieces focus on zero-waste, sustainability, and environmental justice; panel discussion between artists on their entrypoint into the work they are doing, how they conceive of projects (whether they are impacted by developments in the world of sustainability, politics, etc.) and latest projects

Speakers/Artists: Mikaela Kautzky, Samantha Scafidi