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Board of Directors Candidates – 2021

Thanks for taking an interest in Sustainable Concordia and the lovely folks who applied to join our board of directors!

You’ll be able to vote for your favourite applicants at our AGM, on September 29th.

WIth 12 being our maximum number of board members, and 3 board members continuing on into their second term, we’ll be voting-in 9 new board members.

In order to comply with our constitution, the board must include at least one graduate student, and at least one staff/faculty/alumni/community-at-large member.

Please click on the applicants’ names below to read why they believe they would make a good addition to our board:

**Applicants’ will be uploaded below as they apply**


Hemanth Lingraj

I’m an international student who had come here to learn and experience as much as possible during my tenure. I find this one of the greatest opportunity to upskill as an individual and excel in this field. In addition, I have 4 years of professional experience in Procurement domain which shall help me to share and take relative information and benefit the program. I wish my profile suits to proceed further and be the part of this amazing community.

Alumni / Community Members


Krystyna Gardner

SC is an accessible representation of the philosophies I endeavor to wield and uphold in my individual and communal practices. My experiences in Environment and Wildlife Management, integrating recycling initiatives in the workplace and a decade of providing holistic customer service has empowered me to feel confident sharing my techniques of best practices in communal affairs. I yearn to learn more about fiscal affairs and a non-hierarchical power structure by each and all of you, I believe it will conjure new perspectives and there’s nothing better than expanding one’s horizons! To be a part of the Board would be an interesting challenge, but a welcome one this year. I am a strong advocate for sustainable practices and looking at those opportunities in every sector, including policy implementation. I will commit to 6-10 hrs/month because I support your mission to heterarchical operations on campus, which would continue to inspire other campuses globally as we act in solidarity locally 🙂

Cassiopée Nouvel Zürcher
I am studying in human environment and sustainable studies and am looking to involve myself through Concordia’s initiatives. Slowly learning I am becoming more aware about austainable issue and am interested in giving my time and energy to your board. I just finished an internship in an organic certified farm in Hudson where the work done there is done aiming to be sustainable with the least lost as possible. They give food surplus to a collective food bank and think of ways to be as sustainable as possible. I wnt to learn more about small initaitives and small imapct that can be done through students actions on campus to larger units.
Sam Charles Aboagye

While most people  know board positions are great professional opportunities, many still shy away from adding one to their career plan because they find the strenuous selection process daunting or worry about the time commitment of serving on a board. Having experiences as the communications president of a law society and the public relations officer for a literary society , I have learnt great ways to communicate and interprete issues for the interest of my people and that is the first thing I want to bring on board. I also want to Expand my Network .Most people who are on boards get there because they enjoy networking and I see myself as such. When you serve on a board with leaders who are passionate about making new connections, you will be able to expand your existing community of friends and colleagues, adding influential people with different backgrounds and insights. This new network can be an asset for the rest of your career when you are looking for new executive jobs, additional board roles, or simply to swap ideas with someone who has a different outlook than you. Moreover I choose to join the sustainable concordia board to Support Initiatives That Resonate with me. As a political science major and a law and society minor, my biggest dream is to be able to speak on behalf of people, make appeals on behalf of people and be able to communicate to higher authorities on behalf of people and that is just what the sustainability concordia does.