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Divest 101 is a two-hour workshop for folks who want to learn more about divestment or to get involved in the campaign. It will be happening at the SGW campus every month starting January 2018. 


What you’ll learn:

  • What divestment means and how it can be successful

  • The history of divestment locally and globally

  • Why the movement matters and how to get involved

Why should you attend the workshop?
Since 2011, Concordia had 12 million dollars directly invested in fossil fuels. As students paying tuition, we are at the moment also investing in the exploitation of resources, people and land, entailed by fossil fuel extraction. However, we also have the power to make it stop by protesting the university’s choices – learn more about the divest movement at Concordia in this free workshop and see how you can make a change right here right now, for a better future!

Can’t attend but dying to know more? Check out divestconcordia.org for more information, and contact external@sustainableconcordia.ca to get involved!