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Sustainable Concordia is a non-hierarchical (flat) organization that applies modified consensus (U-1) and a multistakeholder approach in its management and decision-making processes.The key players in keeping this initiative moving forward are the Working Groups, the Coordinators and the Board of Directors.

Sustainable Concordia is a learning organization, and is therefore continuously transforming its structure in order to adapt to new sustainability challenges, developments at the University, and its own organizational growth. Because SC is a student sustainability initiative, turnover is high, which also affects the organization’s structure and development.

Decision-Making Structure

The Sustainable Concordia student group engages a multistakeholder process to set priorities and guide the actions of the organization. Every working group outlined in blue (see diagram below) consults its mentors, the BoD and the coordinators to inform their decision-making process. Coordinator and board meetings are held on a regular basis to make consensus decisions about the organization’s development.