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The Sustainability Resource Library is a free library that is committed to fulfilling the Sustainable Concordia mandate, which aims to promote ecological health, social justice, and economic equality. The library includes books and zines, mostly in English, specializing in environmental justice, gender and race issues, economics and globalization, anti-colonialism and more. We are part of a Montreal-wide online database of alternative libraries, searchable at alternativelibraries.org.


  • Library
  • Book club
  • New Project consultations
  • Free to use art materials
  • Workshops (zine making, crafting & DIYs, social justice issues, sustainable practices…etc)
  • Open to ideas from the community!


Our library membership is free of charge and open to everyone, including those who are not students at Concordia. All you have to do is fill out a membership form located in the library, or online.


2090 Mackay st. room 304 (3rd floor)

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Become a member

You can become a member by filling up a physical form in the library, or by filling this online membership form.


If you wish to getting rid of old books, zines, or periodicals that you think would be of interest to our membership, please drop them off in the space, or email us!


In addition to accepting donations,  the library is a great opportunity to circulate your own zines! We consider purchases from individual creators on a case-by-case basis.

Library Resources

Our resources specialize in social, economic, and environmental justice covering subjects such as activism and organizing, navigating capitalism, climate change, consumer justice, sustainable economics, education, gardening and more! As well, we have zines from all over North America, but we are especially interested in supporting local zine creators, particularly those with an activist, and DIY focus.

Sister Libraries

The Sustainable Concordia Resource Library shares our catalogue with 2 other alternative libraries. We encourage users to check out these libraries as well:

QPIRG Concordia Alternative Library
QPIRG McGill Alternative Library


Feel free to send us a message.

We welcome any and all book suggestions and feedback!

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