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Dreaming, plotting, planning alternative futures

March 11th – 15th

Sustain’alive is a week of free events and gatherings in Montreal which seeks to carve a space to ignite and develop theoretical and practical skills for grassroots organizing.

What does it mean to move forward with new information?
How does the way we converse with one another impact the world we live in?
How can we influence what’s possible through the way we dream, plot, plan, and reflect?
How the heck does a megaphone work?

Whether you’re an experienced activist, you’ve felt the call towards action recently, or you’ve wandered from activism and need a gentle pull back in, Sustain’Alive provides the space and resources to connect, create, and co-conspire for a more humane future. As residents of this planet, we are faced every day with new evidence that we’re heading towards uncharted territory. Changes are needed in the way we talk about and value resources in order to avert disaster. Sustain’Alive takes this as an opportunity to fall back into the inherent interdependence we have with other humans, non-human animals, other living things, and the very planet we live on.

This is an opportunity to ready our communities to fight back, resist extinction, and form the bonds we need to get us through the end of this, to whatever comes next.

Let’s get future ready.

Without further ado, here’s the event schedule:
Check back often, as new events might be added!