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Our space is open to all again!!  

After a pandemic filled hiatus, while we continue to live through a pandemic, we’re feeling safer to open our space for booking again. We do provide masks & hand sanitizer at our boardroom.

For the moment, our kitchenette, resource library, and small meeting are still unusable as they’re filled with boxes needing to be unpacked and reorganized after an 8month construction project had us unable to use our spaces. But! Our boardroom is free and clear of any boxes, and fully bookable again! It has a large table that can fit up to 15 people seated, a screen, one huge white board and a smaller one.

Our building is centrally located on the downtown campus of Concordia, at 2090 Mackay street. You’ll find our co-working space above the Multi-Faith & Spirituality Centre on the 2nd floor of the Z-Annex, shared by three Concordia-based sustainability organizations: The Concordia Food Coalition, The Sustainability Action Fund, and us. And you’ll find our boardroom on the 3rd floor. *Unfortunately, our space is not barrier-free, as there are about 10 steps to get into the Z-Annex building, and then as noted, our board room is on the third floor of the building. It is a steep, about 15 steps to the second floor, and another 15 steps to the third floor. The boardroom has 1 window you can open.

If you’d like support booking accessible space on campus, please reach out to the Internal Coordinator, as they’d be happy to support you getting access to barrier-free space on campus  

For boardroom booking, click the amount of time you’d like to book the boardroom for below, and then choose an available day & time slot.

30min   1hr   1hr30min   2hr   2hr30min   3hr

*Please note this platform is intended to schedule one-time events only. If you require assistance scheduling an event that is recurring (every week, every month, etc.), please email the internal coordinator at internal@sustainableconcordia.ca*

Once you have booked the board room space, make sure to reach out to the internal coordinator of Sustainable Concordia to ensure that you are put on the key list. Once you are confirmed on the key list, you will be able to go to the security desk on the ground floor of the Hall building (1550 De Maisonneuve West) on the day of your event in order to sign out the key for the space, to be returned after your event.

**Please also note, our gender-neutral washrooms on the 2nd floor are out of order for the foreseeable future We will provide any updates here. There is a bathroom in the basement of the Z-Annex, but access to the bathroom depends on the Multi-Faith & Spirituality Centre being open. The bathroom in the basement is located about 15 steps down from the ground floor, and is a small space with a slanted roof.