Board of Directors

Sustainable Concordia BOD Candidacy 2017

Floris Ensink

Dear Sustainable Concordia Board or Directors,

I am an MBA candidate at JMSB, with a strong background in the field of nature and environment. I’m very motivated to join the SC board. I believe it to be an excellent opportunity to put knowledge gained throughout the program into action and as such making my education a comprehensive learning experience. I believe that advancing a sustainability agenda at Concordia is essential, as universities play an important example role for students, as well as for society at large.

I detain a masters degree in nature management, obtained at Wageningen University, the Netherlands and I have extensive experience in the field of environment and sustainable development. As some of the highlights I’d like to mention three years of experience as a biodiversity policy maker for the Dutch government, four years as chairman of Sierra Club Quebec, three years as a consultant in wildlife management for an indigenous organization in the James Bay region and, specifically related to the activities of Sustainable Concordia, three years as a sustainability agent for the PJDD, an organization that promotes sustainability practices on CEGEPs and universities across the province.

As an MBA student, I believe that I can offer a valuable contribution to SC in the field of management, finance and fund raising.

I look forward to meeting you at the AGM on April 26th and I hope my candidacy will be received positively.

Sincerely yours,

Floris Ensink

Harry Heighington

The main reason I am applying to join Sustainable Concordia’s Board of Directors is because I am very passionate sustainability as a whole but more specifically alternative solutions to reducing ecological footprints by better management of household and personal waste. I also believe that SC would be a great platform to get involved in environmental justice and action which I have less experience in but would be very interested in gaining knowledge and experience in. Having studied Human Environment for the past three years’ (2014-current), I have attended a variety of campaigns and initiatives that inspired me to apply to SC’s Board of Directors.

This past semester I started an initiative on campus called “The Shed: Cooperative”, which aims to create a workshop that encourages alternatives to traditional consumerism and reduces the amount of waste through reusing and repurposing used materials and products. In doing so I have had to apply for funding through both the university and private sources as well as demonstrate a balanced budget and project timeline to get approved by the University. While this project is still in its early stages, I am confident this experience would be highly relevant for a position on the Sustainable Concordia’s Board of Directors. I would also be very interested to explore any opportunity to incorporate or collaborate The Shed with Sustainable Concordia. I also attended a training session on the advocacy and local implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at Concordia this past March of 2017.

Sayeda Kulsum

Bringing a sustainable approach to building institutional infrastructure is something I have always been passionate about. With this ideology, I feel Sustainable Concordia is the best place to be at!

Having done my Bachelors in Environmental Engineering and Masters in Environmental Assessment, I have the technical and scientific details that go into understanding Environmental processes and formulating sustainable practices. Also, understanding different stakeholder approaches and bringing all the discussions to a common ground to facilitate easy solutions is one of the main skills I acquired during my Masters program. I feel this skill is extremely important in the sustainable field reach desired goals!

I also have experience working as the Public Relations Officer for an NGO named JusTeach Foundation for 3 years. It is an organization which focused on Empowering children at risk through education. I worked with the Administrative team and Teaching Volunteers combined by helping formulate the structure of organization and syllabus for different subjects. Publicizing the good will and work of the organization and approaching sponsors were my major tasks.
This was one of the best experiences I have had in my life!
I feel sustainable Concordia is very similar to this in a way that it works towards a global cause. Also, working with a diverse group of people and understanding their approach towards sustainability will make me better understand how to bring about positive changes in my field of Environmental Impact Assessment. I look forward to meeting you guys!

Best wishes Sustainable Concordia
Great work!

Keroles Riad

I am a PhD student in the individualized program. I have sat on the TLRS (a university sustainability committee) for about 3 years ever since they have been discussing a sustainability definition for the university all the way to drafting Concordia sustainability policy. I also lead the “waste not, want not” compost collaboration between students, faculty and administration. Ever since the collaboration started, the number of public compost bins has doubled, and the amount of compostable waste picked up increased by 60% sustained over the 5 months we have data for. I would to continue to contribute to creating lasting sustainability progress in Concordia.

Sydney Bhalla

My name is Sydney and I am a student in Building engineering at Concordia University. This semester, I took the Organising sustainability 8-week series workshop and have been in search of creating a solid foundation towards understanding environmental problems as well as the political, social and financial aspects associated. Furthermore, I feel as if in the business and engineering faculties, sustainability is not present enough. I would love to build bridges between the different associations and SC projects. For example, having the dish project for various engineering events, talking with Faisal and perhaps presenting an audit report to business and engineering students, would be some idea’s I would be interesting is pursuing. Next year will be my last year at Concordia. I have been involved with Divest Concordia, the coalition of students against pipelines and the provisional committee for the CSU Cooperative Housing project. I’m very interested in the sustainability curriculum and believe that the engineering faculty has much room for improvements. I would love to be able to help push towards those improvements.
Lastly, I believe the people at SC such as Bella, Mark, Noelia, Justine etc. are quite inspiring folks and I believe by being part of the board of directors, I will be able to learn how to canalize my efforts better and therefore reach a improved sense of direction.

Warm regards,

Nafisa Sarwath

Sustainable Concordia (SC) has been a model student-led organization, with a holistic approach that fosters principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. As an out of province, first year PhD candidate in Geography Planning and Environment, becoming part of SC’s Board of Directors would provide me with a unique opportunity to meaningfully engage with the Concordia community and Montreal. It would also be a great platform to contribute my experiences and passion for a sustainable society through the position’s decision-making capacity. Previously, I have been part of University of Guelph’s diversity portfolio through the Office of Diversity and Human Rights. Here, I was involved with a variety of anti-oppression and diversity programs and worked as part of the communications team. Within this team, I was responsible for using various social media platforms (i.e. Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) to raise awareness of the Office and the services it offers to the student body. Furthermore, I have also campaigned for the Toronto Environmental Alliance as a fundraiser by engaging with various community members. Lastly, I have experience working with a myriad of international non-profit organizations and First Nation communities, and so retain many affiliations. Accordingly, as a board member, I would bring these experiences, technical repertoire, and social networks, thus quaintly fitting into the “think globally, act locally” motto that the organization originated with. In return, this position will allow me to learn more about the minute processes of running an organization and an opportunity to assume a leadership role.

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the SC budget; reviewing work plans and goals with project coordinators; being receptive to community concerns and needs; and, if necessary, assisting in conflict resolution.

In order to support Sustainable Concordia’s organizational development, important BOD roles also include providing mentorship and guidance; understanding staff specialties and dynamics; offering vision and foresight; and encouraging reflection.

There are currently ten (10) directors sitting on Sustainable Concordia’s board. Each holds significant knowledge of the organization and was elected at the Spring 2015 AGM. Quorum is 60% and decisions are made by consensus minus one.

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