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“Sustainability is the process and outcome of achieving social justice, economic equality and environmental health by reducing our ecological footprint & empowering communities”.

Our Mission

Sustainable Concordia is a resource initiative that takes action to reform, transform, and revolutionize unjust systems contributing to climate crisis by connecting students, faculty, administration, and the wider community.

Our Vision

Sustainable Concordia envisions a university which teaches and demonstrates sustainability principles of ecological health, social justice, and economic equality. We envision a university  which is run non-hierarchically by students, staff, faculty, and administration in a process based on transparency and maximum participation. This wide-spread participation will foster a ‘Living Laboratory’ in which all members of the community are encouraged to bring forward ideas and projects to further the shift to a more sustainable society.  Through its partnerships, this university would advocate publicly in solidarity with global sustainability issues to become an agent of change.

Our Strategic Directions And S.M.A.R.T. Goals

  1. Act as an accessible community resource that provides opportunities for skill sharing and education.

    • Develop mechanisms that allow volunteers to organize with Sustainable Concordia by January 2021
    • Increase and maintain engagement through the creation of educational
      activities at the resource library and have at least 50 library members
      by June 2020
    • Continuously improve the quality of Organizing Sustainability by forming feedback sessions at the end of every semester and provide an
      opportunity for students who completed the workshop to co-facilitate
    • Collaborate with the Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse,
      the Technology Sandbox and others to organize a Repair Café event series on campus, with the first session to happen by the end of 2020.
  2. Strive for organizational excellence in a way that is responsive to intersectional realities.

    • Create a comprehensive vision for which policies should be
      implemented in 2020 and work through said policies (i.e. community
      accountability, birthing and adoptive leave, sick leave)
    • Specifically for community accountability, create comprehensive
      process for an organizational culture shift towards an intersectional
      embodiment of community accountability by September 2020
    • Update coordinator, board member, and intern onboarding procedure
      to create a more comprehensive, accessible and effective transition
      process by April 2020
    • Create off-boarding process for coordinators, board members and
      interns to open space for critical reflection, organizational
      improvement, and maintaining institutional memory by April 2021
    • Create clear path to documentational information by January 2021
  3. Practice advocacy with communities through direct action involving
    the Concordia University Administration and decision makers who work within unjust systems.

    • Maintain relationships with Administration and stay present in the
      implementation of the Sustainability Action Plans to keep them
      transparent, ambitious, and student-driven
    • Hold the Concordia University Foundation accountable to their
      commitment to fully Divest their portfolio from coal, oil, and gas by
  4. Encourage and take initiative in activism to address the climate crisis.

    • Support student-led climate justice campaigns and projects with our
      institutional knowledge, grassroots organizing experience, and
      educational tools
    • Work with the campaigns department of the Concordia Student Union to
    • Connect participants of Organizing Sustainability with current and active community organizations and groups
  5. Build and deepen our connections with local and global communities to foster resilient networks.

    • Engage in collaborations with Concordia and community based groups on social justice and sustainability related events