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“Sustainability is the process and outcome of achieving social justice, economic equality and environmental health by reducing our ecological footprint & empowering communities”.

Our Mission

SC uses its position at Concordia to advocate in solidarity with local and global movements by being a resource, service, educational and direct action hub for students and the wider Concordia community looking to organize in an intersectional & sustainable way.

Our Vision

SC envisions collective liberation, and the total democratization of education by fostering and sustaining an accountable & caring community where all members are supported in their pursuit of knowledge, resources, & services that further shift towards ecological health, social justice, and economic equality.

Our Strategic Directions

  1. Act as an accessible community resource that centers popular education and relationship building

  2. Support direct action and advocacy in a way that is responsive to intersectional realities and uplifting sustainability cultures within and beyond the university ecosystem.

  3. Build and deepen our connections with local communities to foster resilient and mutually supportive networks.

  4. Maintain and improve an internal structure & culture that contributes to our accountability based, relationship-first approach.