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Mumbai’s Waste Issue and Initiative

More than 62 million tons of waste is produced in India every year and only 12 million of it is treated. The rest sadly ends up in wetlands, streams, lakes and rivers. However the waste management industry is expected to be worth $13.62 billion by 2025. “Debartha Banerjee, Jayanth S and Ritwik Rao are the cofounders of environment solutions startup Sampurn(e)arth.” Their initiative provides effective technology for waste management in Mumbai; the city produces 9,400 tons of waste every day, and only 3,000 tons of it is processed. The trio promote a “decentralized approach to waste segregation, recycling dry waste and installing biogas plants to transform wet waste into cooking gas and fertilizer in the city.” To find out more about this amazing start up click right here!

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