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Sustainability overseas: the case of European Utilities companies

Hey friends   !

As you all know, sustainability is a very inclusive topic (I mean…climate change doesn’t choose which countries to disturb right?). As such, it is important to pay attention to environment related news from all around the world; unless you believe that global warming is a hoax and having an excess of 5°c in winter is completely normal.

Today, we’ll explore the utilities industry in Europe…why? Well, ≈19 billion Canadian dollars of earnings are at risk if Europe’s major companies don’t change their production processes by 2050. This implies, inter alia, less revenue for European governments, less potential jobs and less budgets to support sustainable enterprise. Despite the EU’s objective to “provide 45 percent of electricity from renewables by 2030“, the 14 leading companies in the European utilities industry are expected to produce amounts of greenhouse gases that will exceed the “‘carbon budget’ required to keep temperature rises below 2°C“, by 14%. If you want to learn more about these numbers and their implications in the global assessment of carbon emissions, make sure you check out Sustainable Brands article!

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Topic Tuesdays

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Careers

Hey everyone,

In collaboration with District 3 (D3), CHNGR, Alumni Relations and CAPS they will be  are hosting a panel discussion on Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Careers on Wednesday, Nov 16th @ 3pm in H-763.  At 5pm, District 3 will be hosting a design thinking activity, for students and entrepreneurs to work together in finding solutions for challenges organizations face today

Alumni entrepreneurs and professionals will be hosting a panel discussion on ways in which you can be part of an organization that is solving social or environmental problems, or even start your own business.

check out the links below.

District 3


Alumni Relations


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Job opportunities!!!

Hey everyone! Want to get involved within Concordia’s sustainable community this school year? The Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) is looking for new Board of Directors. For those of you who don’t know the SAF fee-levy organization that allows Concordia University students to develop high impact sustainability projects at Concordia University; by providing funding, support and resources. As a board member one must  commit to one 3 hour general meeting per month, members will also participate on at least one committee, meeting at least once per month before general meeting, and more. The deadline to apply is September 11th. Click here for more information.

Another amazing opportunity this year is the opening of Sustainable Concordia’s Financial coordinator position.The Finance coordinator is responsible for overseeing the financial operations at Sustainable Concordia. The coordinator works in conjunction with the Finance committee, the Board of Directors, and other Coordinators within the organization. In addition, the Finance Coordinator is encouraged and will be presented with opportunities to collaborate with other Concordia student organizations who may need assistance with financial matters as they arise. The deadline to apply is September 11th. Click here for more information. 

Look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Topic Tuesdays

Lufa Farms

Lufa Farms is a sustainable farm initiative that was established in Montréal 2009. They utilize rooftop spaces, thus not destructing more land for farm use, the farm also uses captured rainwater; “recirculating 100% of irrigation water and nutrients” -lufafarms; attains a reduced energy footprint due to the amount of solar radiation it receives; it also composts all of its green waste; and uses “biological controls instead of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides;”-lufafarms and delivers the produce the same day it’s harvested so food is always fresh. They harvest 120 metric tonnes of produce a year from their Laval location!!!